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Life as We Know It - 2010 Life as We Know It (2010)
A comedy about taking it one step at a time.
Rating: 6.6/10
Comedy, Drama, Romance,
Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas,
Every Day - 2010 Every Day (2010)
Not quite the party you signed up for...
Rating: 5.7/10
Comedy, Drama, Romance,
Liev Schreiber, Helen Hunt, Carla Gugino,
The Walking Dead - 2010 The Walking Dead (2010)
Fight the dead. Fear the living.
Rating: 8.4/10
Drama, Horror, Thriller,
Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride,
The Special Relationship - 2010 The Special Relationship (2010)
Never underestimate the politics of friendship.
Rating: 6.8/10
Biography, Drama, History,
Michael Sheen, Demetri Goritsas, Adam Godley,
Four Lovers - 2010 Four Lovers (2010)
A mature and brave look at modern relationships.
Rating: 5.6/10
Marina Foïs, Élodie Bouchez, Roschdy Zem,
Pretty Little Liars - 2010 Pretty Little Liars (2010)
Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret. (Season 1)
Rating: 7.6/10
Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller,
Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale,
Rizzoli & Isles - 2010 Rizzoli & Isles (2010)
Little girls are sugar and spice...and everything vice.
Rating: 7.6/10
Crime, Drama, Mystery,
Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, Jordan Bridges,
Insidious - 2010 Insidious (2010)
What's in that picture?
Rating: 6.8/10
Horror, Mystery, Thriller,
Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins,
The Whistleblower - 2010 The Whistleblower (2010)
Nothing is more dangerous than the truth.
Rating: 7.2/10
Action, Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Rachel Weisz, Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Bellucci,
Burlesque - 2010 Burlesque (2010)
It takes a LEGEND... to make a STAR
Rating: 6.4/10
Drama, Music, Musical, Romance,
Cher, Christina Aguilera, Eric Dane,
The Karate Kid - 2010 The Karate Kid (2010)
A Challenge He Never Imagined. A Teacher He Never Expected.
Rating: 6.2/10
Action, Drama, Family, Romance, Sport,
Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan, Taraji P. Henson,
It's Kind of a Funny Story - 2010 It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010)
Sometimes what's in your head isn't as crazy as you think.
Rating: 7.1/10
Comedy, Drama, Romance,
Keir Gilchrist, Dana DeVestern, Lauren Graham,
Haven - 2010 Haven (2010)
It takes a village to hide a secret.
Rating: 7.6/10
Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, Eric Balfour,
The Last Song - 2010 The Last Song (2010)
Do you ever really forget your first heartbreak?
Rating: 5.9/10
Drama, Music, Romance,
Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Bobby Coleman,
Devil - 2010 Devil (2010)
Bad Things Happen For A Reason
Rating: 6.2/10
Horror, Mystery, Thriller,
Chris Messina, Caroline Dhavernas, Bokeem Woodbine,
Báng-kah - 2010 Báng-kah (2010)
Rating: 6.9/10
Ethan Juan, Mark Chao, Ju-Lung Ma,
The Big C - 2010 The Big C (2010)
Time to grab life by the balls.
Rating: 8.1/10
Comedy, Drama,
Laura Linney, Oliver Platt, Gabriel Basso,
Alice in Wonderland - 2010 Alice in Wonderland (2010)
You're invited to a very important date 3/5/10
Rating: 6.5/10
Adventure, Family, Fantasy,
Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Helena Bonham Carter,
Prince - 2010 Prince (2010)
It's Showtime!
Rating: 4.2/10
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller,
Vivek Oberoi, Isaiah, Aruna Shields,
The Bounty Hunter - 2010 The Bounty Hunter (2010)
The pursuit begins Spring 2010
Rating: 5.5/10
Action, Comedy, Romance,
Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston, Gio Perez,
History Specials - 2010 History Specials (2010)
Rating: 7.2/10
Documentary, History, War,
Despicable Me - 2010 Despicable Me (2010)
Superbad. Superdad.
Rating: 7.7/10
Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy,
Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand,
I'm Still Here - 2010 I'm Still Here (2010)
He's done with Hollywood
Rating: 6.2/10
Comedy, Drama, Music,
Joaquin Phoenix, Antony Langdon, Carey Perloff,
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