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Heaven - 2002 Heaven (2002)
What Would You Risk For Love?
Rating: 7.1/10
Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller,
Cate Blanchett, Giovanni Ribisi, Remo Girone,
Close Your Eyes - 2002 Close Your Eyes (2002)
The deeper the sleep. The darker the fear.
Rating: 6.2/10
Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller,
Shirley Henderson, Goran Visnjic, Miranda Otto,
Yossi & Jagger - 2002 Yossi & Jagger (2002)
Two soldiers and a love that lasts forever...
Rating: 7.2/10
Drama, Romance, War,
Ohad Knoller, Yehuda Levi, Assi Cohen,
xXx - 2002 xXx (2002)
If you want someone to save the world, make sure it's someone who likes the world as it is.
Rating: 5.9/10
Action, Adventure, Thriller,
Vin Diesel, Asia Argento, Marton Csokas,
Lost in America - 2002 Lost in America (2002)
Writer Rafy Gerges
Rating: 5.5/10
Malika Blessing, Loretta Devine, Kiki Haynes,
The Time Machine - 2002 The Time Machine (2002)
0 to 800,000 years in 1.2 seconds.
Rating: 5.9/10
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi,
Guy Pearce, Mark Addy, Phyllida Law,
Spider-Man - 2002 Spider-Man (2002)
With great power comes great responsibility.
Rating: 7.3/10
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi,
Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst,
Dark Blue - 2002 Dark Blue (2002)
Sworn to protect / Sworn to serve / Sworn to secrecy
Rating: 6.6/10
Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Kurt Russell, Scott Speedman, Michael Michele,
The Ring - 2002 The Ring (2002)
Before you die, you see... the ring.
Rating: 7.1/10
Horror, Mystery,
Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, David Dorfman,
Balto: Wolf Quest - 2002 Balto: Wolf Quest (2002)
The adventures of a true American hero continue
Rating: 6.2/10
Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy,
Maurice LaMarche, Jodi Benson, Lacey Chabert,
A Walk to Remember - 2002 A Walk to Remember (2002)
Find out who you are and do it on purpose.
Rating: 7.4/10
Drama, Romance,
Shane West, Mandy Moore, Peter Coyote,
My Sisters Kids in the Snow - 2002 My Sisters Kids in the Snow (2002)
Det bli'r aldrig som man har planlagt
Rating: 5.1/10
Peter Gantzler, Wencke Barfoed, Niels Olsen,
Van Wilder - 2002 Van Wilder (2002)
The Tradition Continues.
Rating: 6.4/10
Comedy, Romance,
Ryan Reynolds, Tara Reid, Tim Matheson,
The Count of Monte Cristo - 2002 The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)
Prepare for adventure. Count on revenge.
Rating: 7.8/10
Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Thriller,
Jim Caviezel, Guy Pearce, Richard Harris,
American Dreams - 2002 American Dreams (2002)
Share Dreams with your Family.
Rating: 7.5/10
Drama, Music,
Gail O'Grady, Tom Verica, Brittany Snow,
Birds of Prey - 2002 Birds of Prey (2002)
Batman's daughter goes bad - and it feels so good.
Rating: 6.6/10
Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi,
Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer, Rachel Skarsten,
Street Blowjobs - 2002 Street Blowjobs (2002)
Rating: 5.7/10
Tyler Steel, Bob, Josh,
Antwone Fisher - 2002 Antwone Fisher (2002)
Inspired by a true story.
Rating: 7.3/10
Biography, Drama,
Derek Luke, Malcolm David Kelley, Cory Hodges,
City of God - 2002 City of God (2002)
If you run, the beast will get you. If you stay, the beast will eat you
Rating: 8.6/10
Crime, Drama,
Alexandre Rodrigues, Leandro Firmino, Phellipe Haagensen,
All About the Benjamins - 2002 All About the Benjamins (2002)
Money can make people do funny things.
Rating: 5.8/10
Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller,
Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Tommy Flanagan,
Road to Perdition - 2002 Road to Perdition (2002)
Pray for Michael Sullivan
Rating: 7.7/10
Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Tyler Hoechlin, Rob Maxey, Liam Aiken,
Aparte - 2002 Aparte (2002)
Rating: 7.7/10
Documentary, Drama,
Mary, Neno,
Windtalkers - 2002 Windtalkers (2002)
Honor Was Their Code.
Rating: 6/10
Action, Drama, War,
Nicolas Cage, Adam Beach, Peter Stormare,
Highway - 2002 Highway (2002)
It started as a desperate escape and became the wildest ride of their lives.
Rating: 6.3/10
Crime, Drama,
Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal, Selma Blair,
8 Mile - 2002 8 Mile (2002)
Go back to where it all started.
Rating: 7.1/10
Drama, Music,
Eminem, Kim Basinger, Mekhi Phifer,
Lal Salaam - 2002 Lal Salaam (2002)
Revolution is always written in blood
Rating: 7/10
Musical, Action, Drama, War,
Nandita Das, Sharad S. Kapoor, Makrand Deshpande,
Tuck Everlasting - 2002 Tuck Everlasting (2002)
If you could choose to live forever, would you?
Rating: 6.7/10
Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance,
Alexis Bledel, William Hurt, Sissy Spacek,
Senso '45 - 2002 Senso '45 (2002)
Soredemo hoshii [Japan]
Rating: 5.2/10
Drama, Romance, Thriller,
Anna Galiena, Gabriel Garko, Franco Branciaroli,
Ken Park - 2002 Ken Park (2002)
Who are you?
Rating: 5.9/10
Adam Chubbuck, James Bullard, Seth Gray,
Firefly - 2002 Firefly (2002)
Meet the most spaced-out crew in the galaxy.
Rating: 9/10
Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi,
Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk,
Meet Prince Charming - 2002 Meet Prince Charming (2002)
Sometimes What You're Looking For is Right Next Door
Rating: 4.9/10
Tia Carrere, David Charvet, Nia Vardalos,
Catch Me If You Can - 2002 Catch Me If You Can (2002)
The true story of a real fake.
Rating: 8.1/10
Biography, Crime, Drama,
Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken,
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