Jazz in the Rain Forest 2013
Jazz in the Rain Forest 2013

Plot: A documentary of the Bennie Maupin Ensemble travels to the Amazon region of Brazil to perform in a Jazz Festival, engage in cultural exchanges and explore the wonders of the Rain Forest. The story focus on the iconic bass clarinetist, rich jazz history that has brought him to this point in his 60 year career and his quest to solidify his place as a leader on the international jazz scene. This film weave various interviews from band members, their Brazilian hosts, musical collaborators, with Maupin's keen insight to reveal a story of building human connections through music. This music-travel doc is wraparound excerpts from the ensemble superb performance in the 140 year old Teatro Amazonas Auditorium, thus making it captivating and entertaining.
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Countries: United States, Brazil,
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MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 75 minutes
Oscars: None
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