Vers les aurores 2014
Vers les aurores 2014

Plot: The Auroras keep their own time. Tonight we are allowed something a little more lively than forecast. Apparently we don't know everything about the secret story of the sun and the earth. Still glows, vivid rays, undulating bands or showers of light: The polar night knows how to keep your eyes open. The antics of the Icelandic weather and the ever surprising solar wind adds spice to the pursuit of these spellbinding moments. Using highly sensitive cameras, the captivating rhythms of the auroras are accurately recorded. A unique film to be watched in the dark.
Release date: 26 Jul 2014
User Votes: 4.9
Countries: France,
Genres: Documentary,
MPAA Rating: G
Runtime: 71 minutes
Oscars: None
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