Love Me Anyway 2018
Love Me Anyway 2018
Plot: Eddie's marriage to his wife Esme is going through a rough patch. As he puts it, he's at a point where he's sitting across from Esme and loves her to death and cherishes her. He can feel that, but on the other hand, he also kind of wants to kill her as well. Despite all of this, he still believes that working through the rough patch will make their relationship stronger, just like it did with his parent's relationship. Then they will be able to take what he calls the next step and have a baby. Meanwhile, she is having an affair with another woman named Jack. Jack tells her that Eddie's brother Danny is coming to town. Danny is an adult filmmaker, Esme doesn't really know him even though she's been with Eddie for a long time. However, throughout the movie, she gets closer to Danny as she pulls farther away from Eddie. Danny ends up acting as the sounding board for both Eddie and Esme, listening as they talk about their relationship. Meanwhile Danny finds a potential new love in Eddie's surfer friend Devon, but it's still in the beginning stages.
Release date: 25 Jul 2018
User Votes: 4.9
Countries: United States,
Genres: Drama, Romance,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 77 minutes
Oscars: None
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