Vienna Blood 1942
Vienna Blood 1942

Story: Diplomat Count Wolkersheim and his Viennesse wife arrive in Vienna to participate in the 1815 Congress, where the Count's Reuss-Schleiz-Greiz small principality existence is to be decided. That doesn't prevent the Countess (born Comtesse Auersbach) just at their arrival to enjoy a lesson to learn the novel and exciting waltz, in a musical city that tries the dutiful Count's nerves. After a quarrel she leaves, expecting that he will follow her. He is instead pushed by Metternich to learn to waltz, and soon discovers that the Congress is more concerned with amusement than with politics. And thanks to actress Liesl Stadler, he finds he is too. Then the Countess returns, confusion ensues and problems quickly pile up, reaching a peak at the Hofball when the handsome and powerful Prince Ludwig of Bavaria takes an interest in the Comtesse, whom he believes to be the actress. Meanwhile, the Count's and Comtesse's valets join forces to reconcile them. After all, Viennese blood can stand some foolishness, as long as it has to do with music, wine and high spirits.
Release date: 02 Apr 1942
User Votes: 7
Countries: Germany,
Genres: Comedy, Music,
MPAA Rating: G
Runtime: 106 minutes
Oscars: None
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