Yazh 2017
Yazh 2017

Story: The war had not yet begun, but people are getting displaced from their hearths. In this exodus of Tamils, in one story, a Sri Lankan Army Lieutenant Asokan (Daniel Balaji) is attempting to capture the most wanted woman's wing leader of Tamil Tigers, Tamil Selvi (Neelima Rani). Meanwhile, Sudan (Vinoth Kishan) chances upon the way a lost child Amudhini (Rakshana) who got separated from her mother and is faced with a dilemma as he was himself on his way to meet with his new found love Nila (Leema Babu). In yet another parallel storyline, a young girl, Yazhini (Misha Goshal) returns from London to her native village attempting to pull her boyfriend, Sasi (Sashi Subramony) away from the coming storm of war. The plight and struggle with the choices of these interconnected characters is told back and forth in real time in a gripping parallel tracks. It is a new and trendsetting film with the entire story taking place in Sri Lanka and all the characters, dialogues and songs and lyrics in Sri Lankan Tamil for the very first time in Tamil film history.
Release date: 24 Nov 2017
User Votes: 9.7
Countries: India,
Genres: Romance, Thriller, War,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 92 minutes
Oscars: None
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