Camping sauvage 2004
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Camping sauvage 2004

Story: Pierre-Louis is a successful investment broker who sees a hit and run and informs the police. As he is the only eyewitness willing to testify against the driver Jackhammer, the vicious leader of a gang of bikers, Pierre-Louis is whisked off to the witness protection program in a trailer park run by the kitschy Jackie Pigeon. A chapter of inept bikers called the Wanna-Bees also come to stay at the campground. When Pierre-Louis and Jackie are attracted to each other, Pierre-Louis is threatened by the investigating police officer, who also has designs on Jackie. Meanwhile Jackhammer is out on bail and contacts all the biker chapters to be on the lookout for the disguised Pierre-Louis.
Release date: 09 Jul 2004
User Votes: 5.8
Countries: Canada,
Genres: Comedy, Crime,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 100 minutes
Oscars: None
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