Pailwaan 2019
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Pailwaan 2019

Story: While looking for a replacement, the coach of a dirty boxer learns about Krishna, an orphan raised and trained by ex-wrestler Sarkar. As he grows up, Krishna becomes "Kichcha", a highly successful wrestler. Sarkar wants him to become a national champion, and Kichcha too wants to fulfill Sarkar's dream, but when he falls for Rukmini, a rich man's daughter, he becomes distracted from his mission. Even as he regains his focus, he faces a strong contender in the form of an oppressive ruler whom he defeats in a wrestling match. Kichcha's life soon turns upside down and the ruler is now hellbent on destroying him and his loved ones if he doesn't wrestle with him once again.
Release date: 12 Sep 2019
User Votes: 6.4
Countries: India,
Genres: Action, Drama, Sport,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 166 minutes
Oscars: None
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