Jolin: The Evolution of My Life 2016
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Jolin: The Evolution of My Life 2016

Story: Dongguan, simultaneously the manufacturing hub and inadvertent sex capital of China; it is home to 1.7 million female factory workers, 300,000 of which comprised of former factory girls turned sex workers. Since the government crackdown on prostitution in 2014, an increasingly growing number of women seek to flee Dongguan - and the stigma associated with it. It is here that 22-year-old country girl, Jolin, has worked for the past five years, and where her story begins. A former factory girl, 22-year-old Jolin is the only child of her family, who has found work as a stripper in Dongguan. She undergoes risky plastic surgery to look more 'sexy' and tries to find her estranged father for reasons that go beyond healing her fractured family. She hopes to leave Dongguan behind and become a famous actress in Shanghai. Jolin's story depicts a young girl's "Chinese Dream" and the sadness of China's loneliest generation.
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Countries: United States, China,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 67 minutes
Oscars: None
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