Na ge bu gou 1999
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Na ge bu gou 1999

Story: A comedy about three best friends in Singapore and their problems with women. Guo Rong's wife has gotten fat after having his kids, and so he cheats on her constantly, and spends all his money on karaoke bars. Hao Ren is married to a beautiful, successful wife but she is too busy with her career to think about sex or children, despite his family's demands for grandchildren. He begins having an affair with his wife's secretary from mainland China. Ah Kua is a 30-something virgin, who has just fallen for the daughter of his boss. The men gossip about the women, the women gossip about the men, and relationships ebb and flow in this comedy about life and love from Singapore.
Release date: 13 May 1999
User Votes: 5.8
Countries: Singapore,
Genres: Romance, Comedy,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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