Lost in Space 2018
Lost in Space 2018

Plot: Set 30 years in the future, colonization in space is now a reality, and the Robinson family is among those tested and selected to make a new life for themselves in a better world. But when the new colonists find themselves abruptly torn off course en route to their new home they must forge new alliances and work together to survive in a dangerous alien environment, light-years from their original destination. Stranded along with the Robinsons are two outsiders who find themselves thrown together by circumstance and a mutual knack for deception. The charismatic Dr. Smith is a master manipulator with an inscrutable end game. And the roguish, but charming Don West is a highly-skilled, blue collar contractor, who had no intention of joining the colony, let alone crash landing on a lost planet.
Release date: Not Available
User Votes: 7.3
Countries: United States,
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi,
MPAA Rating: PG
Runtime: 93 minutes
Oscars: None
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