Shimajiro and the Rainbow Oasis 2017
Shimajiro and the Rainbow Oasis 2017

Plot: While Shimajiro and his friends are touring the inside of the Dig-Bug?a robot that can dig through the earth?its inventor, Dr. Roarson, accidentally sets the Dig-Bug in motion. The robot digs its way to a desert far away from home before breaking down. There, Shimajiro and his friends meet Coco, a girl who was separated from her mother during a severe sandstorm. They decide to help Coco find her mother, leaving Dr. Roarson behind to repair the Dig-Bug so they can all go home.
Release date: 7 September 2017
User Votes: 6.4
Countries: South Korea,
Genres: Animation,
MPAA Rating: G
Runtime: 80 minutes
Oscars: None
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