Valley Fever: Green on Red Live at the Rialto 2006
Valley Fever: Green on Red Live at the Rialto 2006

Story: "Meet me at the monument to Big Dog". So proclaimed Dan Stuart to the scattered members of Green On Red: Chuck Prophet, Chris Cacavas and Jack Waterson. Using the cover of a 2005 anniversary celebration of a historic hotel in Tucson Arizona, Green On Red gathered at the Rialto Theater to honor the memory of a fallen comrade, drummer Alex "Big Dog" MacNicol. Filmed drifting down Congress Ave by some tourists from Brazil, Green On Red asked the shutterbugs if they would care to document what was about to occur. Sharing the stage for the first time in nearly two decades, Green On Red played an emotional set of sloppy brilliance, meandering into territory best left to those who have climbed the mountain and talked to the elephant. The rest is history, or at least a beautiful lie... shit, what's the difference anyway?
Release date: 08 Aug 2006
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Countries: United States,
Genres: Music,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 85 minutes
Oscars: None
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