California Dreamin' 2007
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California Dreamin' 2007

Story: In 1999, during the Kosovo War,a train carrying NATO equipment, escorted by American Marines with Captain Doug Jones in command, is held back in Capalnita, a Romanian godforsaken village, by Doiaru, the station master, who blocks the train over a paperwork technicality. For five days the villagers try to take advantage of the Americans' unexpected presence. The mayor, for instance, organizes a celebration in their honor. On the other hand, sergeant David McLaren, Jones's second in command, falls in love with Monica, the crafty's station master's daughter, who dreams of a better world... And what about the Marines' initial mission?
Release date: 23 Jan 2009
User Votes: 7.9
Countries: Romania,
Genres: Comedy, Drama, War,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 155 minutes
Oscars: None
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