To the Hot Gates: A Legend Reborn 2007
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To the Hot Gates: A Legend Reborn 2007

Story: In this Documentary, we hear from Snyder, Miller, Butler, Headey, Watts, Fong, Bissell, Wenham, Rappaport, Twight, Regan, Wilkinson, Johnstad, Stahelski, Caro, Santoro, producers Marc Canton, Bernie Goldmann, Deborah Snyder and Gianni Nunnari, visual effects art director Grant Freckelton, art director Isabelle Guay, creature effects/make up Shawn Smith, special FX Mario Dumont, and composer Tyler Bates. "Reborn" looks at the methods used to bring Miller's graphic novel to life on the big screen. It concentrates on visual design, various effects, stunts, fights, camera-work, music and characters. Some of this information already appears elsewhere, but "Reborn" gives us a pretty good examination of the various choices made for the flick.
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Countries: United States,
Genres: Documentary, Short,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 30 minutes
Oscars: None
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