Inspiration Point 2008
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Inspiration Point 2008

Story: Inspiration Point Inspiration Point is a coming of age story of Kevin Corrigan, an Irish Catholic teen, just beginning to discover life in all its wonderful, unexpected quirkiness. Kevin is a typical seventeen-year-old struggling with all of life's awkward challenges, most especially trying to find answers to the questions that never before seemed so complicated. Questions about love, identity and purpose. Set in a Northern California seaside village filled with vibrant and eccentric souls, Inspiration Point is a charming family film filled with beautiful scenery. Kevin is the youngest son in a typical Irish American working family. Kevin has two older brothers; Patrick, the oldest and wisest of the sons (as well the acting father of the family) and Terrence the middle and often troublesome brother. Shannon, is Kevin's spirited older sister. All the Corrigan children live at home with their mother Katherine, a strong and fiery Irish immigrant struggling to balance her ever changing life and the needs of her children. Katherine is a devout pre-Vatican two Catholic determined to raise a "normal" family strong in tradition and values. After the untimely passing of his grocery store boss, Kevin takes a job as a bus-boy working for Terrence at "Nirvana", the Starbucks like coffee empire. But because of its pretentious nature and policy and procedure driven structure, Kevin quickly becomes disenchanted and quite miserable. Later, when an eccentric and life-loving Czechoslovakian couple, Lenka Kucek and her cello-playing gypsy husband Vlad, open a truly Bohemian coffee shop, "Jakas Takas Kava" (Coffee of a kind) across the street from Nirvana, Kevin finds a place he is drawn to as it resonates with sincerity. He impulsively takes on a second job there and finds his unexpected niche. The problem; he must conceal his identity so as not to breach his contract with Nirvana. He does so by posing as Jakas Takas Kava's mascot, Bobo, the Czechoslovakian coffee bear. As Kevin serves the town coffee and lends a friendly ear to the shops patrons, his innate gift of empathy earns him a special place in the hearts of the townspeople. Gradually they begin to congregate at the Bohemian Coffee shop to hear to the insightful coffee bear and his simple, yet profound philosophies on life. In the process, Kevin who has decided to postpone his confirmation as he does not feel he is ready to sincerely make that step, learns the true meaning of communion as he touches the lives of the townspeople and, in-turn, they touch his.
Release date: Not Available
User Votes: 9.8
Countries: United States,
Genres: Comedy,
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 93 minutes
Oscars: None
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