Turkish Delight 2017
Turkish Delight 2017

Plot: The film reveals the story of a Turkish Gallipoli veteran and an Australian Anzac veteran who met each other for the second time in their lives during the first Anzac Day Commemoration which took place in Anzac Cove, Turkey in 1985. With an early flashback, based on a true story, taken from a Turkish Gallipoli Veteran's memoirs, we find out that SHERIF saved Anzac soldier JAMES' life, who was heavily wounded and during the course of action that took place immediately, JAMES' wallet with the photo of his mother and himself as a child was left with SHERIF. When SHERIF hears the news of the Anzac Day Commemoration that will happen in Gallipoli with all the living Anzac and Turkish veterans, he goes to the occasion with the hope of JAMES' arrival, to give back his wallet which he considers as left in his trust. Sure enough JAMES arrives and the two old warriors meet under very different circumstances. JAMES can not refuse SHERIF's invitation and goes to his village to eat at his home. But when JAMES decides to spend the rest of his life in that village with his old enemy, new friend and live out his remaining days, it upsets the plans of both countries' foreign ministries.
Release date: 01 Apr 2017
User Votes: 5.1
Countries: Turkey, Australia,
Stars: ,
Genres: Drama, War,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 92 minutes
Oscars: None

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