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Mistrust - 2018 Mistrust (2018)
Mistress is not a four letter word, but love is.
Rating: 6.3/10
Drama, Romance,
Jane Seymour, Parker Stevenson, Nia Peeples,
The Velveteen Rabbit - 2009 The Velveteen Rabbit (2009)
Love is What Makes us Real
Rating: 6.4/10
Animation, Family, Fantasy,
Jane Seymour, Tom Skerritt, Ellen Burstyn,
Wake - 2009 Wake (2009)
Meet Carys. She's a mourning person...
Rating: 5.7/10
Comedy, Drama, Romance,
Bijou Phillips, Ian Somerhalder, Jane Seymour,
The Only Way - 1970 The Only Way (1970)
A true story of one of the greatest escapes in World War II [Video Australia]
Rating: 6.2/10
Drama, War,
Ebbe Rode, Helle Virkner, Jane Seymour,
Live and Let Die - 1973 Live and Let Die (1973)
Roger Moo7re is James Bond
Rating: 6.8/10
Action, Adventure, Thriller,
Roger Moore, Yaphet Kotto, Jane Seymour,
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - 1979 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (1979)
A little cheesecake in a beefcake world!
Rating: 4.5/10
Comedy, Drama,
Jane Seymour, Laraine Stephens, Bert Convy,
Somewhere in Time - 1980 Somewhere in Time (1980)
Some day in the past, he will find her.
Rating: 7.3/10
Drama, Fantasy, Romance,
Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer,
Oh Heavenly Dog - 1980 Oh Heavenly Dog (1980)
Chevy Chase and Benji team up for big laughs in this tail of murder, mystery and puppy love.
Rating: 5.4/10
Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery,
Chevy Chase, Benji, Jane Seymour,
Lassiter - 1984 Lassiter (1984)
The 'Magnum' Man Hits the Big Screen with a Vengeance!
Rating: 5.9/10
Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller,
Tom Selleck, Jane Seymour, Lauren Hutton,
The Tunnel - 1988 The Tunnel (1988)
... el único tunel es obscuro y solitatio: el mío. (... there is only one obscure and solitary tunnel: mine.)
Rating: 5.8/10
Drama, Thriller,
Jane Seymour, Peter Weller, Manuel de Blas,
Matters of the Heart - 1990 Matters of the Heart (1990)
It was his first love. It was her last chance.
Rating: 6.7/10
Drama, Romance,
Jane Seymour, Chris Gartin, James Stacy,
Angel of Death - 1990 Angel of Death (1990)
He would protect her from the world. But who would protect her from him?
Rating: 5.3/10
Jane Seymour, Gregory Harrison, Brian Bonsall,
Are You Lonesome Tonight - 1992 Are You Lonesome Tonight (1992)
He was calling for a good time. It might be his last.
Rating: 5.2/10
Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller,
Jane Seymour, Parker Stevenson, Beth Broderick,
Praying Mantis - 1993 Praying Mantis (1993)
Tempting to Bed Deadly to Wed
Rating: 5.2/10
Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Jane Seymour, Barry Bostwick, Chad Allen,
Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Movie - 1999 Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Movie (1999)
Her courage forged a new vision for the old west.
Rating: 6.8/10
Drama, Western,
Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Eduardo Yáñez,
Yesterday's Children - 2000 Yesterday's Children (2000)
A Mother's haunting dreams lead her to another place, another time, and a mysterious past... her own.
Rating: 7.1/10
Jane Seymour, Clancy Brown, Kyle Howard,
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