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The Dove - 1974 The Dove (1974)
They searched the world until they found each other.
Rating: 6.4/10
Adventure, Biography, Drama, Romance,
Joseph Bottoms, Deborah Raffin, John McLiam,
God Told Me To - 1976 God Told Me To (1976)
Don't let it control you!
Rating: 6.3/10
Crime, Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Thriller,
Tony Lo Bianco, Deborah Raffin, Sandy Dennis,
Nightmare in Badham County - 1976 Nightmare in Badham County (1976)
Where Innocence Is A Punishable Crime
Rating: 6.1/10
Drama, Thriller,
Deborah Raffin, Lynne Moody, Chuck Connors,
Assault in Paradise - 1977 Assault in Paradise (1977)
The maniac kills anywhere... anytime! Their agony was his ecstasy!
Rating: 6.8/10
Crime, Thriller,
Oliver Reed, Deborah Raffin, James Mitchum,
Hanging on a Star - 1978 Hanging on a Star (1978)
The Guys Were Having a Good Time But Going Nowhere--Until They Met Katie!
Rating: 5.2/10
Lane Caudell, Deborah Raffin, Danil Torppe,
Ski Lift to Death - 1978 Ski Lift to Death (1978)
Suspended in Terror
Rating: 4.6/10
Deborah Raffin, Charles Frank, Don Galloway,
Willa - 1979 Willa (1979)
All she wanted was to be a mother, a lover, and a trucker!
Rating: 6.3/10
Deborah Raffin, Clu Gulager, Diane Ladd,
Touched by Love - 1980 Touched by Love (1980)
A true story. A courageous story. A love story that will touch you forever.
Rating: 6.9/10
Deborah Raffin, Diane Lane, Michael Learned,
For the Love of It - 1980 For the Love of It (1980)
She's the most chased woman in California. Whatever she's got...everybody wants!
Rating: 4.4/10
Action, Comedy, Thriller,
Deborah Raffin, Jeff Conaway, Barbi Benton,
Grizzly II: The Concert - 1983 Grizzly II: The Concert (1983)
Giant Killer Grizzly Attacks Massive Rock Concert.
Rating: 3.5/10
Horror, Music, Thriller,
Steve Inwood, Deborah Raffin, John Rhys-Davies,
Lace II - 1985 Lace II (1985)
Which one of you bastards is my father?
Rating: 5.8/10
Brooke Adams, Deborah Raffin, Arielle Dombasle,
Claudia - 1985 Claudia (1985)
The Perfect Wife Is About To Commit The Perfect Crime.
Rating: 6.1/10
Deborah Raffin, Nicholas Ball, John Moulder-Brown,
Death Wish 3 - 1985 Death Wish 3 (1985)
He's back in New York bringing justice to the streets...
Rating: 5.9/10
Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Charles Bronson, Deborah Raffin, Ed Lauter,
Scanners II: The New Order - 1991 Scanners II: The New Order (1991)
He can make you do anything...if he puts his mind to it.
Rating: 5.3/10
Action, Horror, Sci-Fi,
David Hewlett, Deborah Raffin, Yvan Ponton,
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