Weiße Steine 2016
Plot: The prevailing situation of the refugees in Europe kept playing on my mind and induced me to write the script WEISSE STEINE. Children, mothers and fathers had to leave their homeland and came from war zones crossing the Mediterranian in search for shelter and a new home. Their situation has been neglected in many European countries for a long time and played a minor part in the media. Laws were antiquated, vacationers felt disturbed by refugees being washed up at the beaches either dead or alive. In the past and also nowadays I feel worn out when people have to leave their native country due to the fact that I had to leave my home country when I was four years old heading towards Germany. I made the movie WEISSE STEINE because my own memories merged with the present reality- like in a fairy tale.
Release date: Not Available
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Countries: Germany, Portugal,
MPAA Rating: G
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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