Generation Y 2016
Generation Y 2016
Plot: Meet Micheal, Mark, Dan, and Kierek. They're stoners, slackers, and the typical college students. When these four semi adults are not going to class, they're getting in to sticky situations. Micheal wants to be a writer. He's always in a constant battle with his mother about his career choice. Mark is a playboy and can't decide between two girls, Stacy or Becky. Dan is being harassed by a man who is obsessed by a self-help guru. Kierek wants to be cool, and he'll do anything for it, even if that means doing something he doesn't normally do. They're all trying to live their lives. One bong hit at time.
Release date: Not Available
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Countries: United States,
Genres: Comedy, Drama,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: Not Available
Oscars: None
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