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"Gotham" Pilot 2014 The Bunnyman Massacre 2014 Missing William 2014 Drive Hard 2014 "Halt and Catch Fire" 2014 Give Me Shelter 2014 "The Leftovers" Pilot 2014 "Banshee" The Thunder Man 2014 As Above, So Below 2014 Pudsey the Dog: The Movie 2014 Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs 2014 Kidnapped for Christ 2014 "Black Sails" 2014 Killing Daddy 2014 Kis uykusu 2014 "Gang Related" 2014 "Helix" 2014 "Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey" 2014 Killer Legends 2014 Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania 2014
Finding Vivian Maier 2013 Recycling Lily 2013 "Sons of Anarchy" Straw 2013 Chapman 2013 "Beverly Hills Pawn" 2013 "Sons of Anarchy" Poenitentia 2013 Unknown Project 2013 12 O'Clock Boys 2013 Non-Stop 2013 The Class of 92 2013 "Legit" 2013 "Real Husbands of Hollywood" 2013 Finding Normal 2013 "Beware the Batman" 2013 "Game of Thrones" The Bear and the Maiden Fair 2013 Sharknado 2013 "The Vampire Diaries" True Lies 2013 Toy Story of Terror 2013 The Poisoning 2013 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox 2013
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"Game of Thrones" The Lion and the Rose 2014
Grand Theft Auto V 2013
"Breaking Bad" Dead Freight 2012
Red Herring 2013
"Game of Thrones" The Mountain and the Viper 2014
"Breaking Bad" Crawl Space 2011
"Game of Thrones" And Now His Watch Is Ended 2013
Red Dead Redemption 2010
"True Detective" 2014
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2004
"Breaking Bad" 2008
"Game of Thrones" The Watchers on the Wall 2014
"Band of Brothers" 2001
"Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey" 2014
"Game of Thrones" Baelor 2011
Kis uykusu 2014
"The Wire" 2002
Grand Theft Auto IV 2008
"Game of Thrones" 2011
"Game of Thrones" Valar Morghulis 2012
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The drum kit that Reggie owns is made by Ayotte, a Canadian drum manufacturer. ...more » "Dead Like Me" (2003)
No location permits were secured for any of the scenes filmed. The crew had to have one man constantly serving as a lookout for police so they could stop filming if needed. ...more » Pi (1998)
In an interview in American Cinematographer, ...more » Collateral (2004)
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